What is Marine Debris?

Any trash, from glass bottles to aluminum cans to medical waste, can find its way into the ocean becoming “marine debris.” The waste comes from landfills when it is blown into nearby rivers and streams that lead to the sea, boats that purposefully or accidentally dump garbage off board, or beachgoers who loose their belongings.  Massive quantities of debris circulate throughout currents across the globe - One of these floating piles of trash, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, lies in the North Pacific Ocean spanning nearly 7 million square miles. 

How do we inspire a debris free world?

(1) consult companies on how to eliminate waste and increase their product resuse and recycle capacity

(2) educate communities, including elementary, high school, and college students, about marine debris solutions through innovative and engaging outreach programs

(3) research marine debris by incorporating data collection analysis into community educational programs 

(4) cleanup marine debris from our oceans, reefs, and beaches during engaging outreach programs

(5) assert legal strategies and policy reforms that force the marine debris issue before all scales of government and private industry

(6) collaborate with all nonprofits that aim to reduce marine debris