Snorkel Cleanups with Biscayne National Park

Since January 2015, Debris Free Oceans and Biscayne National Park have been providing groups with the opportunity to learn more about our local South Florida ecosystems, help cleanup our dirtiest uninhabited islands, and snorkel amongst turtles, rays, and sharks in Biscayne National Park. These cleanups occur on an ongoing basis so sign-up today!

SCUBA Cleanup, July 2015

Debris Free Oceans hosted the Miami location site for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's (FDEP) 5th Annual Southeast Florida Reef Cleanup. Participants collected data about our coral reefs for submission to the FDEP's marine debris database. We removed everything from monofilament (fishing line) to tires from Florida Reef and Keith's Reef. A huge thank you goes out to Diver's Paradise at Key Biscayne for taking us out and loaning us their gear, and last but never least, a huge thank you goes out to Wynwood Brewing Co. for sponsoring us with a keg for after the dive (if you brought your own cup, of course!)

Keg & Klean, May 2015

Miami's beach party scene is out of control awesome, but it is also out of control wasteful. The Keg & Klean initiative combines our party practices with a beach cleanup so attendees can get trashed without leaving the beach with a hangover. In order to get free beer sponsored by Wynwood Brewing Co., attendees must bring their own cups, which educates beach party-goers about how easy it is to leave the Solo cup behind, and attendees must participate in the cleanup, which allows us to party on the sand and still leave the beach looking better than when we found it. 

Yoga Cleanup Flow, February 2015

Debris Free Oceans' core members spent a little time cleaning up the mangroves in Kennedy Park after a morning of yoga taught by resident yogi, Sumer Thomas.