Debris Free Oceans focuses on integrating marine debris education both inside and outside of the classroom at the middle and high-school level. 

On-Going Initiative: High-school Level In-Class Presentations

Debris Free Oceans' co-founder and Board President, Caiti Pomerance, presents about marine debris at local high-school Palmer Trinity School. If you have interest in giving presentations, please contact us so we may provide you with training and materials to go out into the community and inspire!

On-Going Initiative: Out of the Classroom Field Trips

In partnership with our friends at Beach Paddle Co., Debris Free Oceans takes kids out of the classroom and into the field to collect marine debris after our in-class presentations. This way, students have the opportunity to apply what they learned about marine debris in the classroom towards thoughtful discussions in the field.  Many students and their parents were shocked to realize that most of the marine debris caught in the mangroves came from land rather than careless boaters, which inspired many to rethink their on-shore consumption habits.

Developing Initiative: Curriculum for Teachers

Debris Free Oceans is creating lesson plans for all different subjects that teachers may implement themselves into the classroom. Subjects include science, math, art and history. Debris Free Oceans aspires to have all of these lesson plans meeting Florida Department of Education standards so teachers can feel confident that they will continue to meet their high level success rates while also implementing marine debris education into the classroom.  Please see here for a link to Debris Free Oceans' lesson plan, "An American History of Plastics," that may be incorporated into a high-school American History course.

On-going Initiative: Elementary-School Presentations

Debris Free Oceans' Educational Director, Tracy Nolan, gets these elementary schoolers at West Lab Elementary psyched to start an environmental club on their campus. 

Palmer Trinity School student, Ana Sofia Nicholls, writes an inspiring children's book about sea turtles and marine debris. Download it here, and share it with your students!