At Debris Free Oceans, we party with a purpose.

We host zero-waste events that promote thoughtful solution-focused discussions about the issue of marine debris and teach attendees how to reduce their plastics impact. 

0-waste: take 1 - Reusable Cups!

Photographed above: Debris Free Oceans hosted its first Lifestyle Awareness Event at Treehouse Miami, a nightclub at South Beach, Florida. The Event focused on the concept of "reuse." Each guest was provided with an eclectic cup or jar that Debris Free Oceans had collected from thrift stores throughout South Florida to use as their vessel for complimentary drinks during the Event. Serving as a centerpiece for discussion, attendees left realizing another alternative than single-use plastic cups. Whether it be a reused jam or pasta sauce jar, you can always find ways to reinvent the ordinary in your life, create something truly unique and have a great time knowing you left nothing behind.

Local artist, Dave L., and DJ Lance-O from Kulcha Shok Muzik sponsored the event. Dave L. painted a series of Octi-inspired art portraying the harm our wasteful habits pose to our ocean friends. (Jan. 2015)

0-waste: take 2 - Eco-Fashion Show

Photographed above: Debris Free Oceans hosted an Eco-Fashion Show on 9/26/2015 at the Freehand Miami sponsored by Naked Turtle Rum highlighting brands dedicated to cleaning our oceans. Brands showcased included:
(1) Bureo Skateboards - skate decks made from discarded fishnets
(2) G-Star Raw - threads derived from ocean plastic
(3) IMSY Swimwear - bracelets and headbands made from reclaimed swimsuit materials
(4) Indosole - shoes made from reclaimed tires in Indonesia
(5) Love Is Mighty - shoes made from repurposed biscuit wrappers
(6) Mia Marcelle - swimsuits made from recycled plastic
(7) Riz Boardshorts - boardshorts made from recycled ocean plastic
(8) Waterlust - leggings made from recycled plastic