Our habits of consumption fuel our global decline.

These brands have courageously embarked on a journey to make a change.


Pulpito's hand-picked: these brands create products from recycled and upcycled ocean debris and land waste, removing trash from the environment and closing the loop of the lifecycle of trash by transforming discarded materials into recyclable goods.



Bureo - skateboards & sunglasses

Through its "Net-Positiva" initiative, Bureo has repurposed more than 10,000 kg of derelict fishing nets into skateboards and sunglasses. By incentivizing local fishermen in Chile to recycle, Bureo has created quality, recyclable products that give back to the local Chilean community. Learn more about their net-positiva initiative here.


riz - boardshorts

Images courtesy of RizBoardShorts.com

Riz transforms used plastic bottles into board shorts that can be returned and recycled into a new pair of board shorts, again and again. As incentive, they offer a 25% discount off your next pair of shorts when you turn in an old pair for recycling. Riz is currently working towards implementing a beach cleanup program that directly repurposes beach plastic into its board shorts. They also donate four euros to the Marine Conservation Society for every short sold. Shop at Riz to reduce the amount of plastic waste in our environment and support conservation efforts.


Images courtesy of Indosole.com

Indosole is alleviating tire pollution by intercepting tires from brokers and garages before they end up in landfills, and repurposing them into the soles of their shoe products. They also repurpose discarded burlap coffee bags into sandal straps. Abandoned tires often become mosquito breeding grounds and contribute to the spread of mosquito-borne diseases, or are burned and release toxic fumes and oils to the environment. Shopping at Indosole means supporting human health, helping to lessen the amount of waste in landfills and remove a major potential pollutant, as about 1.5 billion tires are produced globally each year.

nomad tribe - fair trade shopping by cause

Images courtesy of Osombrand.com, Veja-store.com and Indosole.com

Shopping at Nomad Tribe, a fair trade clothing company, means supporting sustainability, fair prices and credit, good labor conditions and democratic organizations. If browsing online , you can shop to support one of several specific causes: sustainability, women empowerment, local charity, education and children, arts and culture, or economic growth. They retail several sustainable products that are made from recycled materials, lessening the need for raw material production, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the amount of waste in our landfills. Nomad Tribe sells Osom socks, which are made from 95% recycled textiles, and Veja sneakers, made with recycled cotton and wild rubber, a rubber material that is sustainably harvested from trees of the Amazon rainforest that produce latex all year round. They also sell the aforementioned Indosole shoes.


Images courtesy of TheKozm.com

Kozm goods are “mindfully made to wreck the status quo without wrecking our ocean.” Kozm t-shirts, hats and bags are made from upcycled cotton and recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a very common type of plastic. They sell mat-length yoga towels made from former sauna towels, a recycled PET blend, and a hemp fabric that provides a gripping surface. Kozm also encourages their customers to return products at the end of use to be recycled into new items. They have partnered with Recover Upcycled Textile System, a textile recycling company that uses 99% less water than other manufacturers, avoids toxic dyes and has an extremely low carbon output. Shop at Kozm to reduce your carbon footprint, remove textiles from overcrowded landfills and keep our water clean.


Images courtesy of Waterlust.com

Waterlust sells multi-purpose leggings and spandex made from recycled materials; 10 plastic bottles go into the making of each pair of leggings and 5 post-consumer bottles are used to make each pair of spandex. Waterlust donates 10% of profits to different marine science research and education organizations related to the leggings' patterns. The apparel is produced with a UV protection factor and quick-dry fiber technology, so they are perfect for all activities from surfing and diving to yoga and running. Waterlust also sells artisanal, woven bags from Nicaragua, made from hundreds of post-consumer plastic bags. Shop at Waterlust to support the repurposing of post-consumer plastics and contribute to environmental research and education.


Images courtesy of KoruSwimwear.com

Koru sells eco-friendly, luxury swimsuits that are made from 100% regenerated polyamide obtained from fishing nets that have been recovered from our oceans. Shopping at Koru means rocking sexy swimwear while contributing to the eradication of marine debris. On top of this, Koru packages their merchandise in compostable bags and labels items with recycled paper hangtags.


Images courtesy of Born-AgainVintage.com

Born Again Vintage sells upcycled and repurposed apparel to keep garments out of the landfill and avoid using raw materials. They also host workshops and consultations to teach the community how to repurpose clothing in tasteful, fashion-forward ways. Shopping at Born Again Vintage means supporting the reinventing, reusing and recycling of clothing and the spreading of sustainability. 


Images courtesy of Volcom.com

Sustainability has been a part of Volcom’s mission statement since 2012. They have completely eliminated PVC (polyvinyl chloride) from products, which have been shown to leach chemicals into the environment that are carcinogenic. They use paper and packaging materials from certified responsibly managed forests or recycled sources. Volcom sells board shorts made form Repreve, a fiber that is made from recycled plastic; 5 plastic bottles go into the making of each pair. They have also recently launched a line of eco-friendly women’s swimwear with this season’s “Simply Solid Swim” collection. This line is made of 78% Econyl yarn, a material made from recycled fishing nets and previously discarded nylons. Shopping at Volcom means supporting the sales of gear that contributes to the removal of marine debris from our oceans, whose production requires fewer raw materials, uses less petroleum and emits fewer greenhouse gases.


Images courtesy of SandCloudTowels.com

Sand Cloud sells beach towels that are made with 100% cotton, which is a biodegradable and sustainable alternative to traditional, non-renewable chemical fibers. They also sell a variety of accessories including backpacks, iPhone cases, necklaces and reusable water bottles. Sand Cloud donates 10% of their net profits to organizations that protect beaches, oceans and marine life. Shop at Sand Cloud to give a gift that gives back: gift yourself or your friends soft, eco-friendly towels and trendy accessories, while giving back to the environment through supporting clean beaches and oceans.

sea lily - beach couture

Images courtesy of SeaLily.com

Sea Lily sells elegant ocean couture and donates a portion of profits to ocean conservation and stewardship. They work with a group of environmental advisors including National Geographic explorers, professional nature photographers and marine scientists to determine the best ways to distribute proceeds. Sea Lily sales have already contributed to the planting of 300 corals. Shop at Sea Lily to increase this total number of corals planted, and support other efforts that are saving our oceans.


Images courtesy of MiaMarcelle.com

Mia Marcelle creates chic swimwear using recycled polyester and elastane. Their fabrics are derived from post-consumer materials and old fishing nets. Shopping at Mia Marcelle means staying trendy and sexy, while saving energy and water, and reducing the use of raw materials and chemicals.


Images courtesy of LoveIsMighty.com

Love is Mighty products are created in a 100% vegan factory in India and are 100% handmade, eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and the harm of animals from the production process. They sell shoes crafted from reclaimed tapestries and old world textiles from the tribal areas of northern India, in combination with recycled plastics and nontoxic vegetable dyes. They also sell accessories, including reusable bags that are made from recycled plastic grocery bags and recycled biscuit wrappers, cut intro strips and woven together by natives of the Marwada community in India. Shopping at Love is Mighty means supporting work by indigenous artisans, the use repurposed materials and respect for our animals and our planet.


Images courtesy of IntiTotes.com

Inti Totes sells non-plastic, reusable bags to encourage shoppers to avoid using the single-use film plastic bags that flood our grocery stores, markets and malls. The Walls Street Journal estimates that Americans use 100 billion plastic bags per year, the majority of which end up persisting in landfills and in the environment, and Inti Totes is hoping to change this. You can purchase either a single large tote or a plastic-free shopping kit, which comes with a cotton mesh produce bag and bulk bag in addition to the large tote. These cute, tribal-patterend bags are hand woven by Peruvian natives and a portion of proceeds support education in their communities. Buy a bag from Inti Totes to conserve the environment, support artisans and promote education in underprivileged communities. 


Images courtesy of PlanetLoveLife.com

Planet Love Life creates their products from fishing nets and ropes collected during beach cleanups around the world. They weave recovered marine debris into bracelets, necklaces, leashes and key chains, and donate 100% of profits to benefit beach cleanup projects. Planet Love Life also sells “charity charms” to add to their accessories, and proceeds from the sales of each charm benefits specific nonprofits that are committed to marine debris eradication. Buy some nautical gear at Planet Love Life and support the brand’s lifestyle of creatively solving environmental issues.


By Madeline Kaufman